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Using your smartphone with one hand is possible

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As smartphones have grown in size, using them with one hand has become more challenging. However, with a few tricks and adjustments, it is still possible to use your smartphone with one hand comfortably.

How to Use Your Big Android Phone With Just One Hand

Here are some tips to make one-handed smartphone use easier:

1. Enable one-handed mode

Many smartphones now have a one-handed mode feature that reduces the size of the display to make it easier to reach all parts of the screen. To enable one-handed mode, go to your phone’s display settings and look for an option like “One-handed mode” or “Reachability.”

2. Use your thumb

When using your smartphone with one hand, try to use your thumb as much as possible. It is the most dexterous digit and can reach most parts of the screen without requiring you to shift your grip.

3. Change your grip

If you’re having trouble reaching a certain part of the screen, try changing your grip. For example, you can hold your phone with your pinky finger at the bottom and use your index finger to tap the top of the screen.

4. Use voice commands

Many smartphones now have voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant that can perform a variety of tasks hands-free. You can use these assistants to make calls, send messages, set reminders, and more without ever touching your phone.

5. Use a pop socket or phone ring

Pop sockets and phone rings are small accessories that attach to the back of your phone and provide a grip for your fingers. They can make it easier to hold your phone with one hand and reach all parts of the screen.

6. Customize your phone layout

Most smartphones allow you to customize the layout of your home screen and app icons. You can move frequently used apps to the bottom of the screen or to a corner that is easier to reach with one hand.


Using your smartphone with one hand may require some adjustments and tricks, but it is still possible. By enabling one-handed mode, using your thumb, changing your grip, using voice commands, using accessories like pop sockets, and customizing your phone layout, you can make one-handed smartphone use comfortable and efficient.


Q: Is it possible to use a smartphone with one hand? A: Yes, it is possible to use a smartphone with one hand, although it may depend on the size of the phone and individual hand size.

Q: How can I use my smartphone with one hand more easily? A: You can make it easier to use a smartphone with one hand by utilizing features such as one-handed mode, using the voice assistant, or customizing the phone’s settings to change the display size and position.

Q: What is one-handed mode on a smartphone? A: One-handed mode is a feature available on some smartphones that allows users to reduce the display size to make it easier to use with one hand. It can typically be accessed by swiping a finger up or down on the screen.

Q: What are some tips for using a large smartphone with one hand? A: Some tips include using a phone grip or phone case that makes it easier to hold, using gesture controls instead of buttons, and shifting the position of the phone to reach all parts of the screen.

Q: Can using a smartphone with one hand cause hand strain or discomfort? A: It is possible to experience hand strain or discomfort when using a smartphone with one hand for prolonged periods. To avoid this, you can take breaks, stretch your hands and fingers, and use techniques to reduce the amount of time you spend holding the phone.

Conclusion: Using a smartphone with one hand is possible, although it may take some practice and the use of specific techniques such as one-handed mode, custom display settings, or a phone grip. It’s essential to ensure that prolonged use does not lead to hand strain or discomfort. With the proper techniques and utilization of the features on the phone, it is possible to use it with one hand with ease.

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